Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Karma is Funny

So last night I posted my blog “All Quiet on the Western Front” at 11:37 pm.  At precisely 11:39 pm, while I was in the middle of reading the blog to my husband, he interrupted me to say “did you feel that?  I think we’re having an earthquake”.  It says something that I was so absorbed and taken by my own writing that I hadn’t really noticed – oh I heard the building make some funny sounds, but I attributed it to the sheer awesomeness of my talented prose. 

Immediately we scanned a variety of social media, as well as live television and radio sources.  Not surprisingly, Twitter and Facebook had information within about 90 seconds of the incident.  We never did find anything about it on TV or radio.  Once we confirmed that there had indeed been a mild 4.9 earthquake originating from Victoria, we did what all reasonable people do, we hopped in the car and went across town to Tim Horton’s for steeped tea.  Actually the last time we experienced a quake we went to Canadian Tire - I mean really, can you think of a better place to go during a potential natural disaster?  There’s food, water, bathrooms, safety kits, camping gear, the list goes on.  The only thing to remember is to stay clear of the really high shelves - aside from that it’s perfect. 

Needless to say, we returned home and are safe and secure.  Except for a bit of excitement and a late night coffee run, everything is back to normal.  Karma, Mother Nature, whoever or whatever it is that determines the way events unfold, found it in her infinite wisdom to remind me she has a sense of humour.  Just when I think I have a good grasp of what’s going on around me, I am reminded that we are just fleas on a cosmic dog to be shaken off when the mood strikes.  It is a good reminder (and especially meaningful at this time of year when we often reflect on the past), never to take things for granted and to be prepared for anything – even if that means simply taking the time for tea when there’s a problem.

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