Thursday, 31 December 2015

Life Lessons from The Terminator

My husband and I love watching movies.  So, during the holidays between Christmas and New Year’s, we watched all five Terminator movies – one a night for 5 nights.  What follows is not a review, there will be no spoilers.  I won’t be talking about plot lines, movie trivia (which I love), or commenting on the movies themselves in any way.   What I will tell you is what I learned by watching these movies. 

Somewhere along the way (and rather unexpectedly) I realized these movies had some pretty good life lessons to share.  Here then, for your reading edification and enjoyment on this New Year’s Eve, are some of the things I learned from Arnie and the gang:

1.      Sometimes it’s hard to know who your friends are.  The same thing can be said about your enemies. 

2.      Never underestimate how far your parents will go to protect you – chances are if they have a choice between saving your life or letting the earth get nuked, they will lock you in a nuclear fallout shelter without giving it a second thought.

3.      The future isn’t set – we can always make a difference if we keep trying.

4.      No war is won alone (and I’m talking about personal wars too) – it takes a lot of people working together to make it happen.  It’s also done through a series of small victories, not just one big one.

5.      It’s okay to pick a mate that reminds you (in a good, non-creepy way) of your Mother.

6.      All Moms are warriors.

7.      You shouldn’t assume that because your Mom thinks you’re going to save the world you can be an arse - you still have to be a decent person. 

8.      You have to behave like a leader in order for people to want to follow you.

9.      There will always be someone (or something) that is bigger, faster, or stronger.  The trick is to learn how to use your own personal talents to the best advantage.

10.  A little levity during stressful times can be a good thing and can help with the bonding process (okay, so that is a thinly veiled reference to the movie – I couldn’t help myself).
Along with being entertaining, the movies were a lot more insightful than I would have imagined.  Tonight we will wrap up 2015 by watching Oblivion, which I think is a very fitting way to end the year, don’t you?

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