Saturday, 16 January 2016

Change is Good, Dollar Bills are Better

For the last eight months or so, my husband and I have been working on paring down the amount of stuff we have in our household.  We’ve never been at the hoarder level, but we are certainly, let’s go with “efficient”, in how we store items throughout our home.  Slowly, methodically, we’ve been going through each and every closet and cupboard, donating some items and selling others via online garage sales (the experience of which has enough stories and material for an entire other blog).  We have finally purged enough extraneous things that it’s starting to make a real difference in our living space. 

Today we had an interesting breakthrough.  In looking at ways to replace a set of plastic drawers with something nicer and more in line with our current décor, we realized we would be able to completely revamp our entire dining room/office area.  We checked things out online, looked at various types of furniture and talked about how we would institute our plan over a period of months.  The more we talked about what was possible now that we had more space, the more excited we became about the incredible opportunity to make sweeping changes to make our home more streamlined, effective, and attractive.

There’s something so satisfying about seeing the results of the work we’ve put into reducing our possessions.  At first there was so much stuff to sort through that I couldn’t really envision an end result – I had a hazy idea of what I would like to (eventually) see, but that was all – like seeing a distant streetlamp in a dense fog – the glowing ghost of light struggling to shine through the mist.  But now, I have a very clear picture of what is possible and what our goal is.  What started as the replacement of a simple set of drawers has turned into a renovation sized project that has us chomping at the bit to get started. 

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