Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Filing is Fun

So I spent the better part of this afternoon doing filing.  I like to think I’m pretty well organized, but I must admit that I have a drawer into which I throw all incoming documents, mail, receipts, and basically anything I don’t want to read or deal with.  My goal is to handle and/or file everything in that drawer about once a month.  In reality I sometimes (and I emphasize the word “sometimes”) manage to go through it at the end of each year – just in time to fill out the tax forms.  For some reason today I simply started collecting up all the tools I needed for the task – you know:  file sorter, blank legal sized folders in different colours, sharpie, clips, and stapler (of course I have all those things handy, why do you ask?), and decided to tackle the entire stack of filing.  Not only did I get it all sorted and put away within a couple of hours, but I found some things I had missing from before and got those items sorted properly too.

There’s something very satisfying about seeing all the folders with neatly printed labels standing straight and upright in the cabinet.  And it’s really nice to look over and see that big old drawer completely empty.  I feel like I could take on any task right now and accomplish it with almost no effort.  The best part is that now I get to take my blue highlighter and cross that item off my To Do list.  There’s nothing that motivates me to get more done than being able to cross something off my To Do list!  I’m a happy camper.


  1. lol, I sorted two closets and my filing system today. My filing ends up in a drawer, on the table, on the hutch, shoved in a shelf above the microwave and usually all around the craft room. Today it is all sorted, filed and the files cleaned out of years.

    1. Must be something in the air today, Lorri. :)